I started teaching photgraphy in 2007 after being asked by a client to help them improve their own photography.

That led me to develop material and method for learning people to develop their hobby and profession.

Since, I believe, I have had more than 500 students in my classes, covering everything from basic camera training, street photography, personal development and studio lightning.

I always get inspired to develop new courses, when I have the need for the course myself.


My photographic life started in 1986 with a romance, needing a camera to remember the girl.

After many years as an amateur I turned pro in 2003 and have been living of photography ever since.

As much as I love taking pictures, I also loves to meet and inspire people, and are highly being inspired by them as well.


In this very busy and high speed living world, a great hobby can be a lifesaver.

Digging into photography can be that hoppy and you can learn a lot along the way, just by yourself.

But, in my opinion, my greatest lifts have been on workshops, with Peter Turnley and Ron Haviv, in foreign places with a specific project to work on.

Don't just be alone, go out and be inspired.