After for many years to have had a full, heavy, Bowens studio flash light set, 4 heads, stands, batteripack, etc plus several Canon 600EX-RT speedlight with ST-E3 triggers, I have been able to convert it all to a very simple setup.

2 Profoto A1 flashheads for Canon - 2 extra batteries

Color Conversion Gels - 2 light stands

2 Profoto umbrellas - 1 universal Air trigger

The genius about this set is the fact that the Profotos are as quick as my studiolight, weighs as little as my speedlights, shoots as many pictures as a set of AAA batteries in a speedlight.

The much improved ISO handling on my cameraes makes it possible to shoot on iso 200-400-800 and still get top results.

It shoots TTL on the Canon, Manual on the Leica and manual with the trigger. This is all I wan't, simple and easy.

If I need more power I rent 1-2 Profoto B1's