City of Dhaka, Bangladesh


In 2018 I had the pleasure of visiting the capital of Bangladesh for 12 days.

My original purpose was to take pictures for an NGO, but I always tries to include some days for personal shooting in my trips.

Dhaka is a very large, very polluted, very trafficheavy city and all logistics in the city is very much complicated, at least for somebody from more organized areas.

The pictures shows the life as you will live it as a local citizen, the life on the river, in the shops, at the trainstation, and I even managed to take a short trip, out of town to farmers in the countryside.

Dhaka is especially known for 2 records.

1. being the most polluted city in the world. I have been to many megacities, but in Dhaka the transportation conversion from petrol to gas or electricity is only just begun, and you can telle that by the size and colour of you bogeys. I remember coming home, sitting in the airport in my car, just being so surprised over the quitness we have here in Copenhagen.

2. being the city in the world with the most contrast between rich and poor.

I witnessed that by dividing my overnight stays into 2, one in at gatered community and later in a downtown hotel in a local area.