City of Istanbul


In the period from 2008 to 2013, I travelled a lot to Istanbul, Turkie. Both as personal projects and also for keeping of workshops in this magical and mysterious city.

When I travel like that I like to avoid having to much gear and much of the times I was using Leica M9 with my trustworthy summicron 28mm asph.

The greatest things about this combo is the discrete look, the weight and the image quality of the 18mp CCD sensor.

People in Istanbul are proud of being turkish and not affraid to show it to european strangers, which allowed me to get really close.

I have been shooting a lot in the outskirts, especially in Eyup. A lot have changed in that area, from slum to modern expensive housings.

Since 2014 i haven't been back in Istanbul but are waiting for things between Europe and Erdogan to calm down again.