Armenian journey

Armenia is an old part of sovietunion, but the story of Armenia goes way back from that.

Being placed between Russia and the middleeast, next to Turkey and Iran, every movement from east to west or north to south has been played out in this small and proud country.

In 2016 I visited the country with my american friend and 2 fuji X-T1.

First contact after the airport was a policepatrol in the middle of the night, testing for drunkdriving in a very primitive way.

In 7 days we toured around the country and discovered a great hospitality, a lot of suspicion and even tried to be held back by police for photographing on abandoned places.

Armenia is really worth visiting, not for the food nor the paramilitaric guards everywhere, but because its on the beginning of a change, which will make a clone of every other country east of europe.