Beware of Hailstorms


I'm roadtripping in Ireland, following the Wild Atlantic Way from Kerry in the south to Donegal in the north.

The first day of travelling was a beautiful day, cumulus after cumulus were running in over the winterlandscape. One minute hail, the next sunshine. 

Beautiful coastlines, remote islands, soft hills and desolate houses. 

And of course Scones, with butter, jam and cream..

Day 2. Sunshine from a blue sky, cold and clear, not the best weather for photography.

The route is along the Atlantic with kilometer after kilometer of cliffs, with the ones at Moher as the most known sight.

Did some portraits in the countryside and finally found a sunset.

Day 3 started like day 2, sunshine, cold, clear and the most beautiful sunset.

I kind of ran out of patience of water and steered my Micra into the mountains of Connamare. It was rough, windy and amazing.

After driving for 3 hours without other cars I finally lay eyes on the silhout of Croagh Patrick, the most sacret mountain in Ireland.

Local soup with brown bread and ponyshow on the beach.

Back in the hostel Jim Beam waits and let me fall asleep with no warning.

Day 4, grey and cold and only low terrain. I stopped a few times to take some odd scenes but the light was dull and the clouds were heavy.

When I got back to the atlantic the sun was down and the headlights did the job.

Now in Sligo.

Last day, day 5. Sligo is known for fantastic beaches and surfing. I therefore went to the beach and met some tuff surfergirls. They were freezing and had been in the water already.

Behind the beach a fiord was formed and the clouds broke up and showed some beautiful tones.

After that I went to the Coney Island overpass and met Neal, a local artist, running his car across the tidal road.

Last trip was to Mulloch Moord, a very famous shoreline, when conditions are right, Mulloch Moore has the most fantastic waves. 

I managed to capture waves running over the rocks at 1/4 of a second, very pretty.

Tomorrow I'm heading home, 3 hours of left side driving left, getting the hang of it.

Thanks for watching..