Gran Tourismo


Between 2015 and 2020 the world's most visited tourist places started to complain over the increased wear and tear, noise and pollution, as a consequence of the growing tourist industry and the economic ability to travel cross the globe to see stuff.

Copenhagen is one of those hotspots, and in Copenhagen it is emotionally divided into joy for the incoming economy and fear of living in a city inhabited by strangers all year round.

Airbnd, restaurants, Opentop busses, guides, all kind of toys to entertain the crowd was big business and the 'succes' kept growing.

I decided to make a project out of this phenonemen and spent many summerdays, between 2015 and 2019 wandering in the tracks of the tourists.

Actually for a short while I got a very different impression of my town, discovering many places, to me unknown before the project. To me the project is of course of an antropolic interest but also an interest in the classic street photography.

After 2020 where the corona virus almost locked down foreign tourism in Copenhagen, I'll be taking up the project again.