Way to White House


This story starts at a Presidential Election rallye for Donald Trump in Wilmington, Ohio and ends at election night in New York, New York.

I was travelling from New York to Detroit during the Presidential campaign between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. My goal was to find the true american voter in the american rustbelt. The worker without work, victim of the outplacment of the american industri in the states between New York and Michigan.

I was on a grant from the Danish Journalist Association and on the way I wanted to tell stories from the former industrial stronghold.

When travelling I followed the campaign trail of both candidates and as me and Donald Trump both had an errand in Ohio, I decided to apply for press accreditation and see the electionmeeting from the inside.

It was a great experience, from the rostrum Trump swore war aginst the press and at the same time I was making pictures of the crowds carrying a presscard.

After the Rallye I drove on to Detroit and spendt a few days there before leving to New York to spend the night of the electionion on Manhattan.

It was a funny transformation from the Trump followers in the rustbelt to the democratic mainland at the eastcoast. In many ways I was convinced of Trumps victory, but being in New York I also believed in Clintons campaign.

During the night everything changed. 

From being a democratic victory to seeing the disappointment in the eyes of democratic voters as the numbers showed that Trump has won with only a very little lead.

The rest is history.