This is my preferred tool for all personal, artistic and people photography.

The M10 is a modern camera, 24 megapixel, 5 fps, liveview/EVF option, bright optical viewfinder, and the big inspiration for ex. Fujifilm X-pro and X-T cameras.

I bought this along with a summilux 35mm and thought I could control my needs for more lenses, but as the rest of the list shows, its not exactly what happened.

Leica M10 is a workhorse, it's lightweight for a fullframe camera, its it accurate in focus and exposure and it only ask you to operate the 4 basic tools in photography. Focus, Shutter, Aperture and Iso.

Framing is intuitive and you just place your motive inside the framelines, that reflects your lens of choice.

The M mount dates back to 1954 and the camera can use, almost, all the lenses produced to M in the last 65 years.

Weight 660 grams

Leica No: 20000

Reviews: Steve Huff - Torsten Von Overgaard - Eric Kim - Ken Rockwell


This electronic viewfinder gives you a 2.4 megapixel image to frame and determine exposure. It converts your rangefinder into a mix between a mirrorless and a hasselblad with the ability to tilt 90 degrees.

I is really great to make indoor, night and architechtural work with the M10, EVF, WAKE and my Gito Traveller tripod.

Reviews: Jeff Mellody 


This is a very 'strange' Leica lens.

  • It's a zoom, in a camerasystem where 99,9% of all lenses are made as primes.
  • It's ultrawide, even though no Leica M camera has the framelines that can show the perspective, this lens offers.
  • It has a near focus on 0,5 meter, even though the rangefinder system only allows you to focus at 0,7 meter at the closest distance.
  • It can't use a filter, without a step-up ring, produced by Leica, which makes the filter diameter 67mm.

So why do you buy the WATE (WideAngelTriElmar)?

Easy, because its fantastic.

The construction of moving lens elements in a aluminum body, that allows you to use 16mm on a fullframe rangefinder, delivers crisp, sharp, contrasty results with no compromise.

I use the EVF finder for the M10, so I can frame my compositions, it really works.

Especially on a tripod the EVF works great. The EVF can be tilted upwards and allows you to have a lower standpoint, which does good things for most architechturel og landscape pictures.

I use the WATE as a zoom, so even if it does have clicks at 16,18 and 21mm, you can leave it between clicks and it works.

I use this lens for nightscape, indoor, architecture, nature and travelling, I love it.

Weight: 335 grams

Leica No: 11642

Reviews: Street Silhuette - PCMAG - Steve Huff


This lens is the first lens I used when I entered the world of Leica. I used it on my M9, in a combo with a 75mm.

Its the best compromise between speed and weight. The small Elmarit 28mm is lighter but f2.8, and the Summilux 28mm, with wonderful bokeh, is bright at f1.4, but a good bit heavier. This is the great choice between these parameters for a general purpose lens.

It takes 46mm filters under the screw-on metalhood, and doesn't block the viewfinder too much, with its see-through corner on the hood.

I have used it a lot. On reportage in India and Istanbul I walked the streets with this unobtrusive lens, getting good contact with people.

It makes good attention on the main subject, and allow sekundary components to be visible, but in a subtle way.

It competes heavily with the summilux 35mm and the summilux 50mm to be the 'one-lens-to-bring-on-a-deserted-island'.

Weight 257 grams, 46mm filters

Leica No: 11672

Reviews: Joeri Van Der Kloet - Ken Rockwell - Jonathan Slack



This is truely a workhorse, the one-lens solution, best built lens, best contrast, best sharpness and best rendering in sharpness and bokeh.

The lens feels heavy and solid in your hand and on an M10 it gives you the optimum balance.

I started out with this one lens, when I came back to Leica after a Fuji-break of 5 years. Bought it together with my M10 and I was complety blown away by the combo.

A lot of times when I think I have gotten more good pictures from a trip than usual, it almost always falls back to me having used the 35mm exclusively, because this lens gives you great focus and concentration.

This is ideel for street, portraiture, landscape, bar/club/festival photography and much more.

Weight 320 grams, 46mm filters

Leica No. 11663

Reviews: Ken Rockwell - Steve Huff- Thorsten Von Overgaard - PEBBLEPLACE


This is maybe the most complete lens in the current Leica line-up. Design wise this is the closest to the ideal lens. Compact, built-in lens hood. Perfect size, perfect weight, fantastic sharpness and boked, wonderfull at 1.4, creates an image where elements are almost 3D like.

I come from an age where the 50mm was something you always had. Not because you used it, but it was normally in the box with the camera, when you bought it.

Today it is a very popular lens because 99% of all pictures are mady by a (smartphone) 28mm and then the perspective from a 50mm stands out.

I prefer this over the Noctilux because of weight and price, over the summicron because of the rendering at 1.4 and the elmarit because this one just lets you work in all kinds of light.

Weight: 335 grams, 46mm filters

Leica No: 11891

Reviews: Ken Rockwell - Leica Moment - PepplePlace


One more optical marvel, the summicron 75mm is a legendary lens with the same great design as the summilux 50mm, build-in metal hood, 49mm filter and perfect balance on the camera.

I am in a dilemma between the 50mm and the 75mm for my 'long' lens, when using the M10 for travelling. The 75mm is pinsharp, contrasty, great microcontrast and wonderful bokeh, but the DOF is soooo small and the framing with a rangefinder or EVF is a bit more critical.

Why not a 90mm, you might ask. To me it is too difficult to focus, a bit too bulky and a bit too long.

Maybe I'll use my 50mm for a while, as this lens have a great and classic perspective, and then I might decide later if I need and keep the 75mm.

But, learned by heavy experience, the only regrets you have on a Leica lens, is when you, in a weak moment, sell it.

Weight: 430 grams, 49mm filters

Leica No: 11637

Reviews: Joeri Van der Kloet - Steve Huff - SHUTTERBUG - LensTip